Capturing Love Naturally – Your Candid Wedding Photographer


I’m Vas,

a dedicated warehouse manager by day and a passionate wedding photographer by heart. Beyond my professional roles, I cherish spending my free time with loved ones, embracing moments with my loving wife and adorable son. Punctuality and keeping my word are values I hold dear, and my friendly demeanor allows me to effortlessly blend into any setting. I’m all about making connections and capturing life’s most beautiful moments, whether it’s through my work or in the company of friends. It’s my pleasure to bring joy and reliability to every aspect of my life

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My Candid Photography Style

My style can be best described as natural and unposed. As a dedicated candid wedding photographer, I wholeheartedly believe that some of the most exquisite moments occur spontaneously. My aim is to capture your special day as it gracefully unfolds, preserving the authentic emotions and candid interactions that make weddings so enchanting.

While I’m a firm believer in the power of candid photography, I also appreciate the importance of ensuring that my subjects look their very best, even in candid moments.

bride and groom walking together holding hands adn looking at each other in a forest

To achieve this, I provide subtle guidance and offer minimal instructions to ensure that you shine candidly in every shot. My goal is to present the genuine beauty of your candid moments while showcasing your most flattering angles.

My Candid Photography Philosophy

At the core of my candid approach lies a profound respect for the uniqueness of each love story. I firmly believe that every wedding is an eloquent reflection of the couple’s journey, and my role as a candid wedding photographer is to narrate that story candidly through my lens.

I strive to be discreet, allowing you to relish your day to the fullest while I work quietly in the background, capturing the candid moments you’ll cherish eternally.

VasPhotography holding camera on a monopod  looking at the lens . evening scene with festoon lights in the background

Personal Touch – Candidly Yours

Thank you for considering me as your candid wedding photographer to be a part of your extraordinary day. I’m thrilled to candidly capture your love story and craft timeless candid memories that you’ll treasure forever. If my candid style and philosophy resonate with you, I’d be delighted to hear from you and have a candid discussion about how we can make your candid wedding photography experience truly unforgettable.